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Types of Commercial Real Estate

In general, a commercial property expert is someone who has a broad understanding of the property market, legal systems, and real estate transactions. They typically have more experience in commercial real estate than attorneys do. 

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Commercial real estate can be broken down into three types: Class A, B and C. 

Class A commercial real estate is the most luxurious and expensive, with the most unique and exclusive properties. These properties are typically found in major metropolitan areas. 

Class B commercial real estate is the middle ground between A and C. These properties tend to be a bit more affordable but still have some features that make them stand out. They are often found in smaller cities or towns. 

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Class C commercial real estate is the cheapest and most common type. These properties are usually found in suburban areas or rural areas. They may not have the same features as those in Class A or B, but they are still suitable for businesses of all sizes.

In the real estate market, there are five different types of commercial real estate.

These include retail space, office space, industrial warehouse space, apartment complexes, or single-family houses. Each type has its own purpose and each differs in different ways. However, they all have one thing in common; they are commercial properties.