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Tag: Coffee Table

Brief Information On Mosaic Coffee Table

Coffee table has been around since the 18th century. Starting from a small region, the concept eventually has expanded worldwide. Many materials, sizes, shapes, and colors have been used to create the table. Some of them have a stunning and practical design. One style that offers a more unique talent is a mosaic coffee table.

Mosaic art itself is of thousands of years started in Mesopotamia as they used clay and paint to create their art. As nomadic tribes make their way around the world, the mosaic designs and patterns slowly changed.

Le Corbusier Style LC10 Square Coffee Table

A variety of materials can be used to complement the mosaic table design. Wood and glass tops are some of the popular ones. Europe gave us the use of cherry; mahogany and walnut tables to the body while the advancement of technology brings us efficient chrome and metal body.

Simple mosaic design coffee table can add new or existing by gluing the tiles predesigned to the table. Mixing different materials can result in the creation of more complex design. Images may be a mountain scene or perhaps even the sun sets over your coffee table.

The furniture is now a focal point, a work of art in your home. Add a different texture and paint can give you more to choose from.