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Tag: coastal health and wellness

Prepare for Summers – Tips to Know

Summers are the best time to flaunt your best side. While partying, going to the beach and enjoying your life, you often forget about your health and skin. During summers you most face skin and stomach issues. Not feeling like eating, feeling extremely low, and having skin burns or tan are the most common issues everyone faces. It might sound okay but it is not. You must be prepared to enjoy your summers in every way possible. And in case you need a doctor you can visit Coastal Family Medicine who has the best family physician. 

Here are a few tips that you must know to be well prepared with your health during summers:

– First this first, keep yourself hydrated. During summers the high heat and rays of the sun usually absorbs a lot of water from our body. Thus, making us feel low and tired. Having enough water will make you feel active and fresh. 

– Use sunscreen. Tanning and sunburn are quite common during summers. Applying sunscreen while going out in the sun can help you protect your body from it.

–  Avoid going out during the day if not an emergency. Heat stroke is a common health issue faced due to high heat in summers. It can make you fall extremely ill.  

– Spread of germs and infection is also quite common during summers. It is better to take a bath whenever you come from outside. Also, sanitizing or washing your hand can help you prevent germs. 

Getting Work Health Right

People spend most of their time at work. Your work life takes your maximum space and time and you need to be very active and fit for that. The more you are healthy the less chances that you will fall sick. This will also prevent you from taking any sick leave and cause loss to your work. If you are the person who falls sick very often you must seek medical advice soon. For your convenience you can visit coastal health and wellness center

Making sure that your work health right, you need to make sure you to follow a few things:

– Provide a clean and tidy environment. Your environment plays a major role in your well-being. A clean place has less chances of settling huge bacterias that can cause you illness. 

– You must have water and air filters at your workspace. Your water filters will help you drink clean and healthy water all the time till you stay at work. With the help of air purifiers you will be able to breathe fresh and clean air, free from any kind of bacteria and dirt particles. 

– You must make sure that you wash your hand and clean the places that you touch very often. 

– Also it is important to keep medical box at your place to help people who feel sick at work.

Home Remedies for UTI Treatment

UTI that basically stands for Urinary Tract Infection is most common in females. It can be a normal problem but also can turn into a serious issue in some cases. UTI infection always leads to uncomfortable washroom activities. If you face any such issue, you must seek a medical consultation without any delay.  For your convenience, you can visit the best family practice physician and get quality healthcare services. 

Everyone has a different perspective and experiences. Also not all the bodies function or react to one thing similarly. But below are 6 home remedies that might give you a comfort during UTI. This may also help you recover faster from this infection:

– Drink plenty of Fluids: Fluids keep you hydrated well.  Regular urination can help flush bacteria from the urinary tract to prevent infection. 

– Increase Vitamin C Intake: Eat vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin C. It increases the acidity in the urine, thereby killing bacteria that cause infection.

– Take a Probiotic: Consumption of Probiotic can promote a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut. 

– Drink Unsweetened cranberry Juice: It is one of the well-known natural remedy for UTI infection. It prevents bacteria from entering to the urinary tract, thus preventing infection. 

Follow these steps or measures on a daily basis and see the results in a couple of days. These are a few proven home remedies for treating the infection.