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How To Choose High Quality Cigars

Choosing a cigar may be an overwhelming task when you are faced with hundreds and perhaps even thousands of alternatives. 

What colour do you search for? What size would you like? Are there any tell tale signs to watch out, while purchasing a high quality cigar ? 

high quality cigars

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1.Shade: Without getting into a lot of detail, let us consider the most apparent facet of a cigar:

colour. The color of this wrapper is a sign of the taste of this cigar. The darker the colour of cigar, the more probable it is going to be spicier. Most new cigar smokers will love a lighter colour. These are the general categories of colour:

Dual Claro – known to possess a greenish tint on its own wrapper. It is a mild cigar which has had restricted aging.

Claro – Typically suggests that the cigar will probably be mild. It is a light brown colour.

Colorado Claro – This wrapper is the standard brownish colour. Slightly stronger compared to Claro but nevertheless considered mild.

2. Size & FormThe titles of cigar dimensions seldom have anything related to the true size of this cigar. There are not any universal criteria to go by, so the best that you can do is bear in mind the dimensions thing is simply a guideline. 

For many smokers, cigars 6 inches will last approximately for one hour. As for ring gauge, many fans also like cigars with the smaller end. This is because the highest quality cigar leaf is always the wrapper, so with a smaller diameter, they have a better proportion of leaf  layer for filler sheet.