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What Should Women Know About Cancer Screening

The truth is that almost all cancers are caused by a genetic switch or some other factor in us that lives or dies. Whether this will happen or not depends on who we are exposed to, whether it is cigarette smoke, excessive sun exposure, or some type of dietary supplement.

It's all too easy to do, but science is advancing rapidly and in the next five to ten years we may know exactly what the risk of failure is for the environment we choose to be a part of. At that time, we will know what types of cancer we are most likely to encounter and how effective cervical cancer screening and treatment in Kenya are.

cancer screening

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In general, annual screening for cancer or precancerous cancer is recommended in addition to self-care. Unfortunately, cancers that do not have an effective screening tool are endometrium, cervix, lung, and ovary.

Women over 40 should have a mammogram every 1 to 2 years and every year after age 50. Also, request a breast exam during your yearly physical exam. Although breast self-exams are not effective, there is enough medical information to consider doing them regularly.

You know your body best and can see lumps earlier than anyone else. In terms of precautions, a low-fat diet that you follow religiously can reduce your risk, particularly if you follow a high-fat diet. Being overweight increases the risk of cancer.