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How to Choose a Mentor to Help Guide Your Retail Business

Retail business owners and managers can benefit from a good mentor. A mentor can benefit you by giving you their experienced advice to help you create a profitable business. He is someone who provides good business mentoring and he will have a different perspective and will be able to see more than you would.

The right mentor will be part confessor, part coach, part devil's advocate, and party leader. The challenge is finding a mentor who is right for the business. You can get the best business mentoring services via

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If you are considering getting a mentor for the business, get other key employees together and discuss the ideas. Share what you would each be looking for in a mentor. Challenge each other to justify the attributes they hold dear.

What you need out of this group discussion is a view of a mentor who will really challenge the business. A good mentor must help the business overachieve on its goals. In considering a mentor, consider the following tips:

Prepare a brief of what you are looking for: This will help mentors to evaluate whether they want to work with you. The choice is as much theirs as it is yours.

Talk to references: Mentors should welcome you talking with other recent clients.

Discuss how far they are prepared to push: There is no point engaging a mentor who will not challenge the business and those who work for it.

Invite suggestions: While professional business mentors will not want to give away too much free advice, they may be prepared to share an insight into their thinking which lets you see the direction they are headed.