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Know About Bone Cancer Treatment

There are a variety of methods that can help treat bone cancer. Depending on the extent of the tumor, the location of the cancer, and the severity of the condition, the doctor recommends treatment.

Treatment options

Patients generally must undergo surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy for the treatment of bone cancer. Treatment can be individual or it can be a combination of the three, depending on the extent of it. You can also navigate to and find a bone cancer specialist.

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Surgery is the most common method of treating bone cancer and is performed when the tumor is large and must be completely removed. Surgery is used when all of the bone and surrounding parts of the bone create problems for the patient. 

Usually a pathologist examines the entire bone to check for more tumor growth. If the tumor is not completely removed, the cells can begin to grow slowly and affect the entire area that covers the bone and the surrounding areas of the bones. There is a greater chance of recurrence of bone cancer; therefore, surgery must be performed carefully.

In the past, patients had to undergo amputations to remove bone cancer. However, with the introduction of new and sophisticated techniques, it is possible to get rid of a tumor. If the tumor has not spread throughout the bone, it can be easily scraped off and a smaller bone graft can be placed.

Bone graft to replace the bone

A smaller tumor can be treated with a smaller bone graft. However, if the bone has been severely damaged, the surgeon will need to opt for a larger graft, which may be a bone implant.