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Tag: boat lift maintenance

Useful Tips For The Maintenance Of Your Boat Lift

As the boat lift protects your boat, how do you ensure it's always in its peak performance so that it can do its job? Through proper and regular maintenance, you can avoid damage and expensive repairs or even replacements.

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Below are simple maintenance tips you can consider to ensure your boat lift is functioning optimally and to save the money and time needed for repairs:

1. Observe the Weight Warning

Boat lifts must meet the set specifications, which means you cannot add more than the specified weight on your boat lift since it can cause extensive damage.

2. Always Remove Cables and Cradle From the Water

Although a boat lift is made from materials that are resistant to corrosion, avoid leaving cables in water for long periods. This way, you will protect the cables from wearing out due to the salty water, growth of barnacle, and electrolysis especially when you are away.

3. Rinse the Cables and Cradle Assembly

Your boat highly depends on a heavy-duty cable to raise your boat in and out of the water. Thus, before you start the boat, always rinse the cables and the cradle to get rid of salt crystals, algae and barnacles especially if the water is salty.

4. Apply Oil Regularly

Boat lift cables are made of stainless steel, and that's why you need to apply penetrating oil on a regular basis to reduce abrasion.

The penetrating oil also ensures that the cable strands do not rub against each other.