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The Characteristics Of A Good Toilet

1. The company's reputation

If you choose a company that is renowned for its toilet manufacturing, you will be able to easily replace parts with their customer service.

Like faucets, toilets are everyday items in your home, and it's best to choose a quality product. This does not mean that you should take the more expensive model.

2. The choice of the type of model

Before you choose the best toilets consumer reports, make sure to check out the different types of toilets. There are three main types of toilets:

  • One-piece toilet
  • Two-piece toilet – separate tank and bowl
  • Wall-mounted toilet

Of these three models, the wall-mounted toilet is the most expensive because it has to be fixed with a bracket to the wall and the tank is inserted back into a partition.

If the wall-mounted toilet and the one-piece toilet are visually prettier and easier to clean, the favorite of repairers i.e., plumbers is the two-piece toilet. Indeed, it is much easier to change a component if necessary.

3. The power of flushing/water saving

The standard toilets in the past used about 13.2 liters of water per flush. Environmental madness! The new toilets do the same job with 4.8 liters.

The 6L/3L dual flush models have lost their purpose due to improved toilet performance. Manufacturers have increased the diameter of the opening between the tank and the bowl, as well as that of the siphon at the base of the bowl. The result is a more powerful flow of water that evacuates and cleans much better.

4. The quality of the porcelain

Finally, what makes a good toilet is the thickness of the lacquer on the porcelain that covers the bowl. It allows the waste to evacuate without resistance. Over time, poor-quality toilets will have a worn-out bowl and hard-to-clean deposits.

5. Shape, height: aesthetic preferences and space

As for the elongated or round shape of the toilet seat, the height of the toilet, these aesthetic details do not affect performance. It's up to you to choose them according to your preferences and your space.