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Tag: bed bug detection

Bed Bugs Alert – Know The Bed Bugs Symptoms

Many people today do not realize the symptoms of bed bugs. This is understandable because of the bed bugs along with some pests have been eradicated during the widespread use of DDT in the United States after World War I.

But because of international travel and immigration, the symptoms of this bug are making a comeback. But people did not detect any of these symptoms until someone complains of excessive itching of insect bites and had an oval-shaped sign that is often mistaken as mosquito bites or dust mites.

When households experience the typical symptoms of bed bugs, they do not check their mattresses, beddings, and sofa upholstery for bed bugs. You can also hire professionals for bed bug inspections in your home.

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How do I know if my house is infested?

A very full house will have an offensive, sweet, musty aroma. This odor is released by bed bugs through their scent glands. Other symptoms to watch out for is feces or dirt stains, egg cases, and shed skin bed bug nymphs in crevices, cracks or holes in the bed or close to it. Furniture near the bed should be checked as well.

A thin slit or seam mattress is one of the hiding places for bed bugs. Bed bugs like to live closer to their food source, which is human blood so that cracks near the bed or around the bedroom and the living room is the main hiding place.

Once you find bed bugs in every part of your house, the other part of the house you'll have it too.