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Tag: Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chair The Legendary Furniture

Furniture made in the late 19th century or later looks different from the old type of furniture and is known as modern furniture. Ludwig Fräulein Van Der Rohe is a German architect who lived in the early 20th century. Mies has created many new and elegant furniture designs. 

Mies Van Der Rohe designed a fairly new chair in 1929 that the King and Queen of Spain could sit at the 1929 World Fair in Spain. This chair is appreciated by everyone and is known as the Barcelona chair. Even though it was designed for over a year, it is still considered a modern chair to this day and is very popular all over the world. You can visit this website to have a look at the Barcelona chair.

This chair frame is made of stainless steel. The newest chair of this type is made of cowhide, although Mies Van Der Rohe uses pork skin on the chair. This chair is considered a symbol of modernity in furniture. Mies patented this chair design in Germany, Spain and the US. Knoll is currently the licensed manufacturer of this chair, which received the rights from Mies Van Der Rohe in 1953. 

Despite having a registered trademark, unofficial production takes place in many parts of the world. Seamless stainless steel and luxury aniline leather chairs from various furniture manufacturers are available worldwide. However, the changes made to the original are still very minor.

Today Barcelona style chair is considered a modern piece of furniture that can add elegance and style to a modern homeroom. This chair is a status symbol. It is considered the pride of Germany and also the seat of members of the royal family. 

All furniture makers who try to make this chair cannot make it exactly the same as the original version. Nowadays furniture designers are taking online courses to learn how to design these chairs.

History Of Eames Style Chairs

Buying a licensed Eames office chair reproduction carries a hefty price tag unless you are lucky enough to find a vintage Eames chair at a garage sale. Eames's philosophy is to create affordable furniture for the masses, with the exception of their chair that has always commanded a premium price from its launch in 1956.

Driven by the demand and the hefty price of the licensed version, the market for Eames office chair imitation has evolved over several decades.

Advance Office Chair

Design perfectionists have accepted some fairly precise reproduction of the original design specifications and quality, however, how does one choose a good quality reproduction of Eames office chairs with so many poor and cheaper copies are often flooded in the market?

First and foremost, it would be wise to ignore anything under about £ 600. Ask yourself, do you really get a full leather chair and ottoman good quality matching, properly engineered, and finished in high-quality leather and genuine wood veneer, at that price level?

You will most likely be faced with cheap plywood veneers, the wrong angle, plastic parts, and PU leather. The old adage "if it's too good to be true, then it probably is not" remnants.

There is a mid-range price, that all may vary in finish and quality. Normally this would arrive semi-assembled. Bases may need to be attached and sometimes even back parts to the base or chair arm to the frame, depending on the supplier.