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Smaller Firmer Breasts With Breast Reduction & Lift In San Francisco

Back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches often associated with very well-endowed breasts. They also may have difficulty fitting into a bra commercially available. Breast reduction and lift surgery can alleviate all these discomforts by correcting excessive breast weight, size, and droopiness.

Breast reduction procedure, also called reduction mammaplasty, gives the too top-heavy body shape better proportions while keeping them the nice curve that makes a woman feminine and beautiful. Click over here to consult with a plastic surgeon in San Francisco to know more about breast reduction surgery.

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Breast reduction and lift surgery are not only limited to reducing breast size and breast size. Some women have abnormally large areola or nipple and breast reduction and lift surgeons can also reduce the size and improve the shape of the areola.

Breast reduction and lift surgery are performed with local or general anesthesia. As in all other cosmetic surgeries, patients are advised not to smoke two weeks before a breast reduction and lift procedures. Drinking strong alcoholic beverages and taking products containing aspirin, vitamin E or Evening Primrose oil is also a no-no. Taking Vitamin K, however, recommended for optimal healing.

Patients usually have to take a week off work after a breast reduction and lift surgery. strenuous activity such as exercise should be avoided within four to five weeks after the procedure.

A major determining factor for successful breast reduction and lift surgery is your choice of surgeon. It is very important to choose the one you can trust. Selecting one-star medical training and experience to perform your breast reduction and lift surgery.