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Replacing Sliding Door Handles

What are the most frequent times you think about door handles when renovating your home? I bet the answer is not often. Many people do not think about this important aspect but the fact is that there are plenty of possibilities waiting for your home to be transformed with this basic method of home improvement.

Handles can be as elaborate and intricate as the rest of your home's furniture and hardware. It is easy to get caught up by ideas as there are many styles to pick from. But a sliding door handle replacement that matches your style is probably the best way to go.

Start with a budget then research some styles. What can you afford? The prices ranges are pretty severe but you can find quality and style in any price range. However, there is something to be said for the old adage you get what you pay for. Choosing handles from reputable companies is your best bet.

Door handles are different than doorknobs. Knobs twist, handles have levers that release a catch so that you can pull or push the door open. That is basically the only difference. Knobs are cheaper too. You might think of the front door of your home when referencing handles but there are many interior doors handles as well. French doors make use of interior handles.

These are the doors that open into another room and are usually made of glass. Another style that you might not have thought of is kitchen door handles. These fit on cabinets and drawers. Typically you replace these when you are refacing your cabinets.