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Plan the Best Lighting Setup for Your Bathroom Renovation

Feb 27, 2022 Home and Garden

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Your bathroom can be your at-home luxury spa if you choose the right fittings and accessories. But creating the right aura requires lighting to be perfect in every aspect. And that’s the thing many people forget while getting their bathrooms renovated. So, if you are planning a renovation, here’s how you can ensure the right ambiance inside.

  • IP Rating: The Ingress Protection (IP) rating tells you if the lighting you are using is safe for the area or not. The 2-number code of the rating tells how well the lighting product is protected from dirt and dust (first number) and moisture (second number). For a fixture installed above the shower or bath (2.25m height), an IP44 rating is required. You can check with required ratings for other areas from professionals.
  • The direction of the Light: In lighting products, there are two direction options – upwards and downwards. The upward lighting serves the purpose of illuminating an area and is focused on creating the ambiance. The downward light is oriented to a specific task or area. The best-lit bathroom contains the right blend of both types.
  • Bulb Types: Depending on the bathroom theme and setting, you can choose the right bulb. While most homeowners today prefer using LED bulbs, vintage ones are also gaining attention. Those with spiral filament exposed can look amazing in the right setup.

In a bathroom, you will need lighting fixtures to be installed in multiple areas like vanities and over the shower. Search for "Coffs Harbour plumbers near me" and they can help decide the best places so that water and other things don’t cause any problem.