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Opt For Unique Vodka Based Cocktails

The costs of going out and partying is constantly going up and no party is complete without a drink or two, resulting in a further hike in prices. Each person has their own preference and there is one drink that they just cannot say no to. However, if you go around a room, you will notice a number of people with colourful drinks complete with fruit and pretty umbrellas. Nowadays people can order vodka from online.

Here you can find a few cocktail recipes with vodka:

  • Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chocolate and vodka, what more can you ask for? Start by swirling some chocolate sauce on the inside of a martini glass and let it set. Pour 30ml of vodka, 15ml of liqueur, 25ml of creme de la cacao and some ice into a cocktail shaker and give it a good shake.

  • Pinky Royal

This cocktail is easy to make and tastes great at the same time. Shake 30ml of vodka, 40ml of raspberry liqueur and 4ml of sugar syrup, in a cocktail shaker along with some ice.

Vodka is the preferred drink for a number of people. It also serves as a great base for cocktails and goes extremely well with a number of fresh juices.