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Non-marking forklift tyres might be the perfect fit

Nov 15, 2021 Main

Non-marking forklift tyres might be the perfect fit. Forklift tyres that are non-marking are made from combining synthetic rubber and some white silica gel, resin. Forklift tyres are white/grey in appearance and do not leave any black marks on floors.

You may be wondering about the benefits of these tyres. Let’s take a look.

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Increased fuel efficiency

Non-marking forklift tyres offer a number of benefits, including a lower rolling resistance. This would normally mean that the tyre rolls lose less energy, which means less effort is required to do the same amount. You will see a reduction in fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Good Traction

They are also very useful in situations where stability is at risk. Safety is improved by having better traction on tyres. This makes it easier to stabilize and control the forklift.

Cleaner Working Environment

Non-marking tyres lack the soot usually added to tyres during manufacture, which leaves them with some desirable characteristics.
One of these attributes is their inability to leave any marks on the warehouse floor while they are operating. This gives them an advantage in warehouses where food and medicine are handled, hygiene is a key requirement.

Non-marking tyres are a great option. These tyres are ideal if you desire a cleaner work environment and higher fuel efficiency.