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Nocturnal Urge To Urinate Alarm: A Good Solution For Nocturnal Enuresis

The bed-wetting alarm wakes children up when they start to wet the bed. However, is there an effective solution for bedwetting or just a warning if it occurs?

Expert studies show that the Bedwetting Alarm is the best way to urinate in bed before the antidiuretic imipramine, which helps the bladder retain more fluid and thus allows the child to get up early and urinate regularly. He or she may also view bedwetting as a sleep disorder that can be treated with good urination care. To know more about bedwetting treatments you can visit

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Imipramine is no more effective than desmopressin, which affects the kidneys and makes them produce less urine.

Medicines can be prescribed by a doctor, but do you want your child to be given drugs that interfere with normal body functions, especially imipramine which is very dangerous for children if the dose is too high, or just as a urination alarm? child when he starts urinating and then stops when the bed is wet. After a short time they learn to break the habit.

The cause of the phenomenon of urination is unknown, but some children get wet or agitated by something when they are under pressure in bed.

In most cases, there is no suspicion and occurs frequently in children as young as 6 years old.