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New Puppy Checklist: Things You Need to Buy for Your New Dog

These new dog supplies will help make sure your dog stays healthy and happy as she eases into her new home. The biggest mistake new pet parents sometimes make is not sufficiently controlling the environment of their new dog.

Chests can be a convenient way to do this for a short period of time, especially when practicing at home. Pooper scooper is also one of the important things you need for your puppy. There are many companies available that provide the long handled pooper scooper for dogs or puppies.

Many areas are legally required to collect their dog's feces. And even if your city or neighborhood doesn't do it, do it anyway – leaving a mess on the streets is not only not environmental, it's also dangerous: it can spread parasites, and dirt can be carried into local water sources and washed away.

Get a plastic bag or grab some litter bags from the pet store along with a dispenser that attaches to your dog's leash.

After your dog has defecated, place the bag in your hand, grab the stool, then turn the bag over and tie it up; When you get home, throw it in the trash. Another option: a shovel, a tool for collecting dog droppings, perfect for cleaning your garden.

The sturdy plastic case is easy to clean and ideal for travel. Wire boxes are another option – they offer more ventilation and full view, and can be covered with a towel at night for a more comfortable atmosphere. Look for a crate that is easy to open and close, and large enough for your dog to stand and turn around easily.

Your dog needs at least one bowl for food and one for water. Bring a few extras so you can wash them every day and easily replace a bowl of dirty water with clean water.