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Most Important Factors in Document Translation Services

Sep 10, 2021 Main

There are many factors to take into consideration before choosing a document translation company. You can also get more information about document translation services via .

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Do you have professional document translators who are subject-matter experts? Machine translation can be difficult because not everyone is fluent in the target and source languages. 

The experience of the translator will impact the quality of the work. To ensure consistency and continuity, check with the vendor. The wrong translator could cost you dearly.

Does the vendor include a secondary review process? Although document translation can be done by one translator, quality is much better when another person reviews the entire source against the target. 

Your vendor should include a second translator (editor or reviewer) in the process and ensure that the source is verified against the target. This step is often skipped by vendors or included a brief check. The cost difference can be as high as 25%.

Document translation can often result in 20-50% more text, long pages, truncated tables columns, orphan bullets, and widow paragraphs. Professional desktop publishing is required for all translated documents, especially before they are sent to print. 

Choose a vendor with professional project managers who have access to the most current translation management portal solutions. 

You should also check their success rates. It is worth looking at a vendor who delivers on time, within budget and meets the quality criteria 95%+ of all times. You can even search online for more information about document translation services.