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Mini Dental Implants for Crown Placement

Cosmetic crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed within an existing chipped tooth so as to revive its shape, strength and size, for organic purpose and visual appeal. Crowns look and behave like real teeth, nevertheless, they depend on the help of the current tooth origin for appropriate function.

While dental implant dentist via are best for restoring damaged and decaying teeth, a tooth origin should exist in order for it to work correctly. With the debut of the mini dental implant or MDI, crowns are presently a viable resource for replacing just one tooth.

Mini Dental Implants for Crown Placement

The MDI system includes three different parts which all work together to offer patients a secure, Long-lasting crown:

– The mini dental implant – manufactured from titanium metal, the augmentation is suspended to the jawbone in which it functions as an anchor to stabilize the tooth crown.

– The metallic casing – is integrated into the bottom of the crown and also is exactly what connects the crown into the implant.

– The rubberized O-ring – resides within the metallic casing effectively seals the 2 pieces together, locking them in position.

The positioning of your own crown utilizing mini dental implants may occur right in your dentist's office. Following the administration of a local anesthetic, your dentist will put the dental implant to your jaw bone with controlled and precise practices.

A small incision will be made in the gum, and a technical drill is going to be used to make a little hole in the jawbone in which the implant is inserted. A technical wrench will efficiently twist' the implant in place, providing secure support for your crown.