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Leadership Makes A Successful Manager

Many institutions in the financial services and banking sector faced redundancies in late 2008 and early 2009. Employees were under intense pressure due to increasingly complex regulations. 

This caused a shortage of middle management and reduced talent pool to fill managerial positions in the recovery of the banking and finance sectors.  To Know more about  finance talent development, you can register at LDP Connect Meetings & Webinars online.

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It can be difficult for new managers to keep up with relevant regulations while simultaneously trying to get better performance from their team members. Anecdotal evidence from some bank employees suggests that management training isn't given enough attention.

New managers must have a change in mind-set. This will allow them to be more focused on the job at hand, and not just doing the work.

You can increase your chances of success as a Manager and Team Leader by taking the following steps:

Do a personal skills audit to determine the skills that you will need to fulfill this role. This will allow you to determine which skills you have that are applicable to the role of Team Leader.

How you will handle friends that are part of your group. In your decision-making process, you should consider whether you will place personal friendship above fairness for all members of the team.

You can identify which personality types you find the most difficult to work with, and then decide what you will do about them. It is possible to use and interpret personality tests.