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Lafarge Access Floors

Nov 11, 2021 Main

What are Lafarge Access Floors? These floors are expertly paved with gypsum. Gypsum, a mineral made up mostly of calcium sulfate and has been hydrated, is an example. It is mostly used to make fertilizer and plaster in Paris. It is also useful in construction as it makes great plaster. It can also be used to cover floors with gypsum boards. It is used to make floor tiles and boards.

Access floors at Lafarge are largely made from gypsum. Lafarge has several high-quality Gypsum mines. The gypsum from these mines is used to make boards that can be used for flooring.

Different Lafarge access floor systems

  • The free-standing system. The free-standing system does not require stringers to attach the pedestals together. The boards attach to a pedestal made of steel and are held there by clever pressure placement.
  • The screw-down raised flooring system. The panels are screwed onto the pedestal heads in this system. This system works well in offices, but it is not ideal for server rooms. The boards are very difficult to lift if server maintenance is required.
  • Bolt-on stringer access system. This system allows you to bolt the stringers on. It gives you maximum hold without having to have your board attached to your pedestals. The stringers hold the pedestals in place and allow the boards to move freely.

These raised flooring systems work well in offices with a lot of cables or power points. Access flooring is a simple, elegant solution to your server room. You can lift the boards and perform any maintenance you need.