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Knowing Your Perfumes In Brief

Perfume has been an important part of human culture for centuries. For a long time, people have scented their hair and bodies with oils, floral and herbal extracts, and animal fragrances. Not many people know that the history of perfume dates back to the Bronze Age.

The oldest fragrance was discovered on the island of Cyprus by an Italian archaeological team in 2004-05, and Arab and Persian scientists have developed a cheaper mass production method. You can also buy Arabic perfumes via

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From here, knowledge spread to Europe around the 14th century. Today it is a multi-billion dollar industry in the western world.

Perfume is mainly composed of alcohol, perfume oils, water, and dyes. The concentration, origin, and tone of the fragrance describe the perfume. 

The most common fragrances are women's favorites, floral with ingredients like jasmine, purple, orange blossom, lily, orchid, and many more. All perfumes are different and are usually related to the personality and skin type of the user.

Fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits are also used. Today, a new category has emerged with modern technology for perfume manufacturing. Different cases require different perfumes.

Bright Flowers – these are the most popular, for any occasion and almost everyone.

Earthy or woody – it has a very refreshing smell that causes a forest environment. This fragrance is very appealing to the older generation.

Green – This is a light scent and is best for casual wear.

Oceanic – young people love this fragrance.