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Know about the Symptoms of Endometriosis

If you are badly suffering from Endometriosis then you need to study different dangerous symptoms of this disorder. Do you know that around 20% of women who suffer from this condition can have a greater chance of developing infertility?

That means for every 100 women who are capable of being pregnant, 20 of them can become infertile if they suffer from this abnormality. Read further to discover the close relationship between Endometriosis and Pregnancy. You can also visit endometriosisassn to know more about the symptoms of endometriosis.

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The main reason for the development of this condition is the overgrowth of the uterus tissues outside the woman's womb. Women may face irregular menstrual cycles because of this condition. It can cause severe stomach and back pain during your menstrual periods.

There are other symptoms of Endometriosis like inflammation, scar tissue formation, and severe internal bleeding and tissue shedding, etc. There can be disturbances in regular bowels, small intestines, and your bladder function. If it reaches extreme levels then it may spread to your skin, lungs, and even your brain.

Endometriosis also causes obstruction of your fallopian tubes and thus can lead to infertility in women. They can also experience subfertility symptoms. You may also face extreme pain and severe menstrual cramps which can worsen after a certain time period.

Many doctors treat this disorder with heavy treatments like Laparoscopy. But they are not guaranteed ways to cure your Endometriosis completely and you still can suffer infertility issue.