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Know About Rise Against Hunger

While food relief has been the main area of focus during its COVID relief work, Rise Against Hunger has also worked on other areas such as the provision of medical kits, basic medicines, personal hygiene stores as well as other items.  To give donations for emergency food relief you can visit

For around 5 months or so, the focus has turned to facilitate vaccination and advertising COVID Appropriate Behavior (CAB) under the drive along with sufficient food relief supplied.  Over 50,000 individuals have been served under this drive so far, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the frontline employees, field partners, and recruits.

Nations have seen a massive spike in COVID cases in current weeks in most areas including the rural areas. Though this 3rd wave has not been as bad in terms of hospitalization or demise as the 2nd wave, public health leaders and experts have been recommending against taking it effortless and allowing the security down thinking the pandemic is over. 

Government officials have requested NGOs to sensitize the public about this and assist in the government’s measures to increase vaccine range, food relief, and encourage CAB.

Staying healthy and complimentary from disease is required for any community to earn livelihood and food safety.  As many poor families have encountered last year, falling sick has not just health effects, it also severely impacts their overall economic condition leaving them much more hindered to bounce back.