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Know About Physical Therapy Treatment For Fibromyalgia

Oct 19, 2021 Health and Fitness

Like other types of treatments for muscle pain, the practice of physical therapy has several methods that it can use. A group of these methods are known as physical therapy methods, which are machine operated, or electronic devices used to improve soft tissue pain. 

Physical therapy assistance can include ultrasound, laser therapy, TENS machines, and even hot and cold compresses.

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These machines and devices can certainly give the impression that they are going to relieve a lot of pain. Heat treatments in particular can reduce muscle pain and distress, and all of these modalities have some level of effectiveness. However, in many cases their ability to reduce fibromyalgia pain is quite limited.

This is because in so many cases of fibromyalgia, it is not sophisticated electronic machines or nifty electronic devices that provide effective pain relief. If such devices definitely worked, we would own them all and never have to see a physiotherapist or any other type of practitioner for musculoskeletal pain.

So what types of physical therapy for fibromyalgia can you expect better pain relief? It is not these methods, but rather the gentle but highly skilled manual techniques that most often provide not only the greatest relief but also the longest lasting relief from pain.

These manual physiotherapy treatment methods may include: soft and deep tissue massage, joint mobilization and spinal manipulation, dry needling as well as assistance with passive and active rehabilitation exercises.

If you are considering physical therapy for fibromyalgia, be sure to educate yourself beforehand on exactly what your therapist is trained for. A standard physiotherapist may rely heavily on modality methods that may work to improve certain conditions, but may not provide enough relief from fibromyalgia.