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Know About Camping Military Style

Long gone are the days set up a giant tent that all the soldiers slept together. Marine and Army soldiers today get a high-tech tent that is easy to setup and transport. With military people today constantly on the move, they require a very lightweight and portable tent. You can check this useful reference to know more about military tents. 

A military fighter II dome tent fills the need for the average camper and hunter to sleep safely. Styled after being used by the US Marines, this is a lightweight tent, setup in a flash, and noted only that simple. The heavy duty durable fabric needed for combat operations was built with Catoma tents. The Denier polyester material with a high count 2000 mm water repellent rating. Absolutely UV resistant for long life.

Every camper knows what tasks can get into and out of several tents. Private fighter we know this well. Had to move big teeth safely and easily through any opening. Catoma offers an extra large door in front of the vertical wall, vertical wall also helps to provide extra space inside the tent. Both front and rear doors are fully screened for ventilation and bug protection.

As with military tent-style, high-quality 7075 aluminum poles provide strength and durability that is needed by most users demand. Tent even has fully taped seams, such as the military version, for additional protection from all types of weather. For added comfort and shelter, flies reversibly attached with adjustable quick release buckle included. These flies are green on one side for the mixture to a wooded area and tan on the other side of the desert or area light. fly even be used separately from the tent as a shade canopy.