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Introduction To Ibogaine Treatment

Dec 4, 2019 Health and Fitness

 Ibogaine is a natural substance obtained from the Iboga plant found in Africa. The root bark is used to extract ibogaine from the factory. Various unique characteristics of Iboga plants make it a popular topic of research in the scientific community over the last four decades. Research has shown that using Ibogaine therapy, all types of addiction can be cured without withdrawal symptoms in a single dose. It is effective in depression. However, before choosing any Ibogaine therapy for curing your drug addiction, you should read ibogaine testimonials in order to have successful therapy.


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Generally, addiction attacks the brain's pleasure centre and creates an imbalance of dopamine pathways. Ibogaine reverses this effect and brings the brain to a state of normal unchanged. Once it reaches the normal path, patients now shift to the relevant aspects of psychology which brings patients from the trauma he experienced during the time he was addicted.

Psychological factors are very important when it comes to the procedure de-addiction because most of the times of mental stress cause a person to enter the world of hallucinogenic substances. This makes it very important to understand and assess the state of the patient's mind and treat him accordingly.

Ibogaine is also used to treat patients with psychological disorders. In this case, subclinical levels of alkaloids used. The influence of ibogaine can take up to 24 hours depending on the dose. Specific dosage should be carefully monitored for each individual because it can have side effects.

Many clinics offer treatment for drug addiction, but Ibogaine Clinic ensures the risks and side effects of free detox therapy utilizing 99.5% pure ibogaine medically approved to treat patients.