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How to Install a Range Hood?

Range hood installation is not difficult, but it does require some preparation. Before starting, be sure to read the instructions that come with your range hood. Some range hoods have installation hardware that must be attached before the hood can be installed on the wall. If your range hood does not have hardware, you will need to attach the mounting bracket first. The bracket will attach to the top of your range hood and the wall. After the bracket is in place, slid the hood onto it and tighten screws or bolts that secure the hood to the bracket. You may also need to attach a filter screen if your range hood has one. Once everything is installed, test your rang hood by turning on the gas and testing for leaks.

What You Need for a Range hood installation ?

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If you're looking to install a range hood, there are a few things you'll need. In this blog section, we'll outline what you'll need for both small and large hoods. 

For a small range hood, you'll need the following: 

-A power source (typically a wall outlet)

-An installation surface (such as a countertop)

-The range hood itself

-Roughly 20 feet of wire or cord

For a larger range hood, you'll need the following: 

-A power source (typically a wall outlet) 

-A installation surface (such as a countertop) 

-The range hood itself 

-Roughly 50 feet of wire or cord 

-A suitable exhaust system (see below for more information)