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How Can You Preserve A Diamond Painting?

Every diamond painter knows the feeling: You have just finished a masterpiece of art you have been working on for weeks. Your painting is beautiful, with every gem sparkling and perfectly in place. You go through the laborious process of mounting your painting on the wall, and it looks fantastic. You can also get the best craft painting in Brisbane.

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You roam around your house purposely so you can walk through the room and admires the diamond dot painting. You have never been so proud of anything you have created in your life. But one day, as you are passing through, you see it – one gem is missing. 

You couldn't find a gem on the floor because of that your diamond dot painting is incomplete. Your beautiful piece of art is falling apart! So, you have to be more careful next time.

But the thing is, not every painting needs to gradually lose its luster. There are some things to keep in mind by the experts to protect their artwork and ensure survival for many years to come.

The only thing that is more simple and easier than ordering Modge Podge is actually using it. All a diamond painter needs to do is take a paintbrush, dip it in the sealant, and paint over your gems.