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Hip Hop Dance Movies That Leave You Inspired And Enthusiastic

Hip-hop dance is not new. It is performed to hip hop music and is considered a part of hip-hop culture. It consists of breaking and locking styles and popping. Here are some movies that feature hip-hop dance. These are:

“Wild Style”, This movie is widely regarded as the first hip-hop movie to tell the story of Zoro, a young Bronx rapper. Through an underground movement that includes musicians, poets, dancers, and artists, the movie captures the moment of a generation.

For example, Rusty Cundieff directed and starred in “Fear of a Black Hat”, 1993. This US movie is based on the evolution and current Rap-music dance. Further, this movie also has inspired some specific styles in hip hop like Indian rap-music dance.

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“Breakin'”, is one of the most popular movies about hip-hop dance. This movie introduces hip-hop culture early and tells the story of a jazz dancer struggling to make it. It also features two breakdancers.

The beautiful movie “The Last Dragon” mixed martial arts with break dancing in a wonderful way. The movie was produced by Berry Gordy (Motown founder) and has influenced hip-hop culture today. The movie also features a unique mix of soundtracks featuring Vanity, Rockwell, and DeBarge.

Krush Groove is a dance movie that is also a musical drama and is based on the early days at Def Jam Recordings. It is loosely related to one of the first hip-hop arena tours.

To get inspired and enthusiastic about hip-hop style, you can find the best videos of hip-hop dancing from all the movies mentioned above.