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Google Free Ads – A Strategy To Get Free Google Ads In Melbourne

Google Free Ads is a new program that is taking the internet by storm. And why not – the very thought of getting free ads on Google is enough to send any internet entrepreneur's heart racing. 

The first impression is that this guy found some kind of loophole in the system – something that we can exploit to get top PPC placements without paying for it. You can find the best google ads in Melbourne online.

Image Source: Google

The way to get free ads from Google is to buy 'adspace' and then sell it for a profit, while you also get to advertise. Getting the very top positions in PPC is priceless and it is like having a number one placement in a search result, but without the work – you buy your way to the top. 

Now, these top spots are not cheap and can cost a couple of dollars for a single click. In traditional printed media some companies did exactly that – and they are still doing it and making a fortune. What these companies would do is to buy full pages (for advertising) and negotiate a good price with the magazine for buying x amount of pages for x amount of years or months. 

This ensures the advertising income for the magazine and they are most often willing to cut a good deal. The advertising company will then go out and sell advertising space on these pages that they bought from the magazine.

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