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Finding Different Kinds of Commissary Kitchens

There are definitely different types of commissary kitchens that can be rented out for food providers. 

This is great for you because you have a lot to choose from depending on your budget and the type of food you want to prepare for your customers. You can also look for the shared commissary kitchenette for your food business.

Here are some of the most common types of kitchens:

1. Public kitchen

This is the most popular type of kitchen shared between different food truck owners and other small food shop owners. So many cooks, chefs, and workers from various companies will be working in the kitchen at the same time.

These companies share space and equipment in the client's kitchen and, depending on the type of agreement with the kitchen owner, can receive storage space and a special table.

2. Private commissary kitchen

A private kitchen is a public kitchen that you lease or rent on, and you don't have to share with other businesses. This is ideal for your food business. 

When a food store grows and you feel the need for a more spacious kitchen that gives you access to specialized equipment, a private kitchen is your best bet.

Since you are paying the full amount of rent in your private kitchen, you will not be sharing it with anyone. 

This is especially useful for food businesses that have multiple food trucks or seats as you can use them as the main kitchen for your business.

In this commissary kitchen, you can prepare all your meals and have them delivered to different locations. This ensures that your business maintains good quality and standards and that all of your locations have the same food quality and taste.