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Do Your Bosch Washing Machine Need Repair?

A Bosch washing machine that won't drain or spin will usually result in a foreign object getting stuck in the drain pump. This is an easy fix to do, a less expensive repair yourself and if you don't have the time, you can contact experts for Bosch washing machine repair at

washing machine repair

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Here's a basic guideline of how to clean a Bosch drain pump for washing machines:

On the lower left side of the washer's front panel, is a circular access cover that has an opening on the top. Use a small screwdriver tip inside, press just enough to turn the access panel, and then turn it off.

If the panel is removed, you'll be able to see the drain pump twist its handle. Try to drain as much water as possible from the washer. If you remove the drain pump filter before draining the water inside, the water will spill all over the floor. When the handle is turned and the filter slides out, you will see debris inside. Clean the filter and put it back in the washing machine.

Set the washing machine to a normal cycle, allow it to charge until the washing machine starts spinning, stop the machine after the charge cycle and set it to the spin/drain cycle. At the same time, the drain motor is turned on and immediately starts pumping water. 

If the washing machine starts to empty, you have successfully repaired your washing machine. If this does not work, call a washing machine repair expert.