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Do You Need A Make Up Air Unit?

Make up air units have a very important job in your commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Depending on where you live, the make-up air supply unit may be required by city ordinance, and you probably already have one.

If you do not have one – or if you have not done it right – you may find yourself dealing with one of the few unpleasant issues. No need to worry! With a little problem solving or the proper installation of the make-up air units, you can avoid everything from high energy bills to bad odor. You can know about good-quality make up air unit by checking out various online sources.

What is the make-up air supply system?

What comes out, must come back. That's the basic premise of the make-up air system. It's all about achieving a balance between the air that is exhausted through the hood ventilation and air replacement (make the air) is required.

Makeup air supply unit to the restaurant is usually mounted on a roof or in a mechanical room. They draw fresh air from outside and supply to your kitchen.

Some people think that ventilation heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) will supply enough makeup air required. However, the HVAC system will likely only provide about 20% of the make-up air you actually need.

Makeup air supply system will typically provide 80% or more of the air replacement in the commercial kitchen ventilation systems. If you want your system to have balanced airflow, you really should have a supply of makeup air unit installed.