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Different Uses For Pink Himalayan Salt

Mar 8, 2020 Health and Fitness

Pink Himalayan salt is a popular accent for many types of lighting, from table settings to wall sconces. It has been an essential in Indian home decor for generations and is used today for its brightness and contrast.

There are many different types of pink salt that can be used for lighting. From the lightest white to the darkest black, the range of shades available will delight both the professional and the amateur home decorator.

In the right setting, pink salt with an accompanying candle or fixture can be very dramatic. For romantic candles, it can match the color of a white or ivory tablecloth or wall sconce. They work best as centerpieces for a dining room table, used to highlight and accent the table's art work.

The Himalayan pink salt made with an accent of black flecks is perfect for table settings. Often used in creating a formal dining room, it can also serve as a dramatic centerpiece on a balcony. The contrast between the black and the light pink adds some drama and interest to the table setting.

Pairing the white pink salt with yellow, orange or purple incandescent bulbs creates a warm, comforting look for the living room. When used as a table runner, the candle, or even candlelight, under a pink Himalayan salt table runner brings a nice touch of romance and intimacy to the room. The perfect complement to that lovely pink salt table runner, of course, is a matching arrangement of fragrant flowers, which in turn, can be accompanied by a candle in the room.

For those who want to create a romantic setting, the white pink Himalayan salt table runners work well, paired with candlelight and a romantic theme that complement the table runner. The addition of florals creates a beautiful feel in the space, which is accentuated by the pinksalt table runner.

The good news is that salt table runners and table settings are available in many different colors, including some very exotic tones. For those who prefer a more muted and elegant effect, there are tables that feature a pink, ivory or even tan color. The accents can also be black or gray.

Whether the pink salt table runner is incorporated into the room's decor or simply used as a background, it is important to use caution when placing it over items of furniture. Not only is it dangerous to place items too close to the salt table runner, but placing the runner directly on the table can also damage the salt.

When designing your pink salt table, consider having one section of the table colored like a fabric, such as satin or silk, in order to achieve a formal feel. A fabric table runner paired with black candles can bring a touch of sophistication to a simple kitchen or dining room setting.

There are many ways that salt can be used to accent the table. If you are looking for a sophisticated look, choose a contrasting shade of salt for your table, and then add some additional accents in the form of table linens, or a vase of flowers. Adding ribbon around the table top and adding accents along the bottom edge can add elegance and class to the table, as well.

For those who want to create a vibrant, festive setting for their pink salt table, consider using a splash of neon pink around the perimeter. This gives the table an energetic feel, which is ideal for a living room setting or another space that requires a little extra pizzazz.

For the most striking results, you might consider adding two to three layers of pink Himalayan salt, lighting the table with two to three votive candles and then adding in bright throw pillows and fabrics. Just be sure that the table runner will not be damaged by the lighting, and if you will use the table as a divider for seating, do not place large cushions or other items on the salt table.