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Designer Watches – Proper Care and Maintenance Tips

The lifespan of a designer watch could be increased or cut down depending on the amount of care you've given your watch. Regular maintenance differs from one model to the next.

Keep your designer watches free of dust. Make sure you have drying products to ensure that the watch is dry. Be sure to keep them away from magnets as well as other chemical solvents. Be careful not to put your watches in extremely cold or hot areas.

If you plan to change your batteries, make sure that you are able to do it on your own and not damage or scratch other components. It is better to seek the help of authorized centers to perform some battery replacements for you. You can also search the query ‘authorized watch battery replacement near me’ on the web.

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Some stores will perform a cleaning of the internal parts of the watch after they change batteries to clean the dirt that has accumulated.

Automated designer watches should at a minimum be worn for at least 10 hours per day to ensure the accuracy of the timekeeping is kept. If you can't wear it every day, opt for quartz watches that will require battery replacement only in the case of error.

If you're interested in activities that require a lot of body movements, be sure the watch you wear is a sports watch that has outstanding water resistance and shatterproof features. Certain watches can be worn continuously. movement can affect the movements of hands.

If your designer watch sports a leather band, avoid contact with water so that it does not smell and break down when it is dried. 

Even if the watch is classified as water-proof, do not wear it while showering or engaging in any diving or swimming actions as it may impact the rubber seal's performance of the casing.