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Creating A Routing For Your Marketing Business

As you launch your local marketing business, you may find yourself being pulled in many directions at once as you try to learn eveything you need to know and do. An endless stream of calls, people and tasks will descend upon you, and you will begin to wonder how you’ll ever get it all done. You’re likely to find yourself working on several things and having trouble getting any of them actually completed.

The apparent mess you encounter tyring to sort out where your time is best spent at first is nowhere near as bad as you might imagine. Once you figure out the details of working on income-producing activities, things will fall into place.  After your first week, you may be ready to adopt a daily routine for the majority of the work you need to complete to build your business and internet presence.  There is a certain degree of unpredictability to each working day, so try to be flexible about adapting your work day routine to the varied interruptions.

1. Organize Work Around Your Energy Level. Everyone has their own work rhythm. Some poeple are energized in the early morning, while others don’t get into the work mode until mid-morning and enjoy working well into evening hours. Recognize your own peak periods when you are most alert and feeling positive. Use these times to work on the toughest tasks, and save the lower energy hours for mundane and routine tasks that require less concentration and creativity. You will be able to do more during the day by using this approach rather than if you robotically reach for first-in, first-out items.

2. Procrastination. Ahhhh! Loathsome chores are just another opportunity to learn and grow. I know, you wish the work would simply disappear.  Since you have to do this category of work either sooner or later, just dig in, go to work and get it done. By getting over the inital hurdle of not wanting to do this task you may be surprised to find the project or assignment not nearly as complicated and difficult as you had originally envisioned.

3. Close Out The World. When you have a number of tasks that require a good deal of thought and sound planning, the simplest solution is to close the door so no one person, phone call or distraction will disrupt your concentration.

4. Be Available As Much As Possible. Closing the door to work on special projects is essential, but most of the time you need to be available to your team. Being available encourages two-way communication, builds trust and expedites your success and theirs.  Your effectiveness as a leader in large part is dependent upon how well you can help others achieve success.

As you settle into a regular work routine you will develop your own habits in the way you handle different tasks and projects, as well as the best time to do them. By continually look for shortuts, without compromising quality, you’ll have more time freedom to enjoy life.  Isn’t that the ultimate goal we’re striving for?