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All About Marketing to Your Buyer Persona

A Buyer Persona is an association of people who share the same interests and demographics. To understand the needs and wants of a group of people, you need to create a buyer persona. You will have a better chance of convincing customers to take action on your marketing communications if you know what is important to them.

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Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategy in 2021

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To understand your market's needs and wants, it is important to identify the most influential buyer personas. If your marketing messages address the issues and problems experienced by each persona, they will be more targeted.

Let's take an example. Let's say you run a roofing business that specializes in commercial roofing. Taking a look at all your customers you will see that you can classify them into these personas.

o Real Estate Property Managers

o Commercial Building Supervisors

o Office Building Managers

o Institutional Building Managers: Schools, hospitals, etc.

Each customer group may have different needs in relation to roof maintenance, replacement, or repair. You can focus your marketing messages and promotions on these customer segments to build trust, credibility, and profit.

Your business may only have a few buyer personas, or it may have several dozen. It doesn't matter how many. It is more important to be able to clearly define them.

Defining your Buyer Personas It is important to examine your customer data to identify common characteristics. Start by opening your favorite word processor and writing brief biographies about your customer personas. 

It may be more beneficial to create corporate personas than buyer personas if you are a B-to-B company. You can create a corporate persona that segments based on your industry, number of employees, revenue level relevant to your business.