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About the orientation year program

For all scholars and undergraduate research recently from outside the EU countries, if you want to improve your career then the orientation have something good to offer to you. Previously, moving to the Netherlands was never easy compared to those who had EU citizenship. You can also take the best online orientation at

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However, for skilled migrants, everything always becomes easy. In addition, after the introduction of the orientation year permit, finding a career that is most suitable for yourself in a foreign country has come true.

The orientation program offers several types of visas. Here we will focus on the year of the residence permit for high qualified people, commonly known as Orientation Visas (search).

Dutch orientation year permission – What is that?

Therefore the Netherlands provides very important for highly skilled migrants, therefore, the state gives them time and opportunity to find work or even start their own business in the Netherlands immediately after completing their studies. Anyone who has the right expertise can be applied under the year of orientation permit. 

Who can get the orientation / visa visa?

The initial orientation / visa / visa was initially launched for recent graduates. This program allows individuals to live and work in the Netherlands without limitation, up to 12 months. However, someone needs to fulfill all the requirements to propose.