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About Fountain Pen And Ink

Many of us have used fountain pens that provide good writing experience. Today, many new fountain pens have been released in the market. So we have lots of options to choose the best fountain pen ink.

Words written with a fountain pen are clear, and they display magic in each word. Fountain pen collecting and using is an activity that people all over the world love. To get more information about fountain pen ink visit

 fountain pen ink

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Moreover, If you want to maximize your enjoyment of your fountain pen collective, then you should know how to take care of them. Here is your guide to take the best care and maintain a set of valuable fountain pens: Only converters or narwhal fountain pens can be filled with ink bottles.

To fill, pressurize the piston completely and dip the entire nib in the ink. You should repeat this process for some time to ensure that you are getting the most ink in the reservoir. If you want to use disposable ink cartridges, you need a fountain pen that does not have piston filler.

You should clean your fountain pen every time you decide to change the color or brand of your ink. If you use a Moonman fountain pen, just remove the used cartridge and run water through the nib feeding mechanism.